Create a social enterprise platform

Create a social enterprise platform Description **This is “introduction of entrepreneurship” subject** **the social enterprise platform must proper for people who are in the rural area in Thailand (most of them are uneducated and work as farmer/worker)** Mr. X has been graduated 10 years ago. He is a successful businessman who is the startup owner. He has just retired from the business and interesting about the philanthropic course. He is thinking about what important social issue that he wants to solve. He looks into national statistics and finds out that 50% of Thais are living in rural area. These people earn less than 300 baht a day and have limited opportunity in their lives. He decided to create a social enterprise platform that will resolve this issue. Please 1. Scope what would be the main problem of this issue 2. Create a business model to solve this problem at the root cause Ps. I have some idea such as – do the logistic company like messenger, food sender (e.g. deliveroo) – educated them to be specialized in any branch and focus on selling any product or provide the service such as cooker BUT IT HAS TO INNOVATIVE MORE THAN THESE IDEAS

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