Creation Myology

General Instructions (short answer)
We have read and discussed myths from three different cultures: Greek, Hebrew, and North American. This, along with the themes of The Primordial, The Rupture, and Duality will inform this assignment. Remember that these are defined in the PowerPoint I sent to you. I have made this two short answer thesis structured responses rather than one essay. Please abide by length requirements mentioned below.
You must choose two prompts from which to form and analytical answer from the following list of choices. In your answers, make sure that you clearly identify which prompts you are using with the corresponding letter (a. b. c. d.). You must create a mini thesis statement and support that statement using the notes you took on these chapters. Your answers are to be your own claims supported by the notes you have taken from the primary source materials, the presentations, class discussions, and PowerPoints. After you turn in the hard copies to me in person, I may request electronic copies from my records, so please make sure you have an available saved file of your answers to which you have access.
The following are the prompts. You are selecting two of these prompts to which to respond. Keep in mind that the prompts are not questions, rather they are themes. You are to form a claim that you feel you can support from the prompt, form a thesis statement, and support your thesis statement using examples you pull from your notes.
a. The pageantry of creation
Focusing on those stories in which there is a pageantry of creation in stages, days, generations, or degrees, focus your attention on the ways in which The Primordial is presented and how that Primordial is acted upon (The Rupture). Compare and contrast the myths of your choosing, writing about no more than three myths covering at least two cultures.
b. The origin of the human condition or how it is that we lost the golden moment
Focusing on the role of boundaries or taboos in the Navajo Myth of Emergence and The Garden of Eden, discuss how the crossing of the boundaries can be used to illustrate the arising from a rupture into the world of duality (good and evil, male and female, immortal and mortal).
c. The role of the women as a symbol
Pandora and Eve are both seen as the origin of human complicated experience and/or knowledge of the world. In this sense they both can be understood as participating in some way with The Rupture from the original state of humanity in their respective cultures. Using that idea, discuss how you understand this rupture. Are they malevolent or benign? In what ways are their roles similar and in what ways are their roles different with regards to how these characters actions set in motion the values and judgements of the human condition (Dualism). Form a thesis and be as specific as you can; rely on your notes to give you the context to build your own response.
d. The role of nature and the divine
Using any myths from at least two contrasting cultures, please form a thesis that focuses on what the contrasts with regards to nature are. How is nature understood and presented differently? The way nature is revealed in these creation myths gives a sense of what nature’s role is in the origin of the human sphere according to these cultures: Is nature divine or not?, Is nature fallen or not? Is nature merely a medium from which other things develop? Is nature itself personified? These are some questions that could help guide your discussion. In focusing on nature, please use the concepts The Primordial, The Rupture, and Duality as you see fit to best make you point and support your thesis.

Specific requirements:
You are only writing a response to two of the prompts. You get to choose. Make sure you tell me by letter to which of the prompts you will respond. Each answer has to be 1 1/2 pages double-spaced. No shorter and no longer! This DOES NOT include the MLA citation or any cover page or other class information. The minimum length only refers to the analytical answer. These are analytical short answers, they are not meant to be essays. Your answers must be specific and immediate to the theme you choose, no fluff and no filler.
You must identify the primary sources you use using MLA citation. In your answers you will place the page numbers, with summary and/or quotes that refer to the notes you took during the lead up to this assignment as support of your thesis. This in text citation will refer me to an MLA citation at the end of your questions. You only need one MLA work cited page despite there being two answers.
Double-spaced, Time-Roman or Arial size 12 font. Turn in on time during class at the beginning of class.
If you meet the minimum requirement (which is all of the above) to the best of your ability, once you get your graded assignment back you may edit and fix your answers to get a better grade. If you do not meet the minimum requirement, you will not get this opportunity.

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