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Public Perception, Managing and Implementing Community Policing- Community Policing
Discussion-50 words each

  1. Discuss the six principles of classical organizational theory and discuss whether or not they are relevant to policing today.
  2. What is the relationship between race and public views of police? Why do you believe this is?

3.Discuss the influence that the Internet and social networking has had on communities in the United States. Should it be leveraged for Community Policing?
Assignment-1500 words total

  1. Briefly discuss the seven benefits to the police and community when good relations exist. Which do you feel is the most important, and why?
  2. Discuss the ways that police corruption impacts public perception of police.
  3. The authors identify eight steps in the change process that should occur or be approximated when implementing community policing. Discuss the four steps you consider to be the most important for any agency. Criminal homework help.


4.Describe COMPSTAT and identify its value to community policing efforts.
The Businesses of Organized Crime and the Illicit Drug Trade– Investigation of Organize Crimes-500 words each total 2000 -Assignment
1.List the different businesses in which organized crime is involved, and why, and identify the most and least lucrative. Explain in your opinion how the legalization of such businesses (drugs, prostitution, etc.) would impact organized crime’s involvement and profits.
2.If you were a federal investigator assigned to a task force focused on identifying money laundering operations in your community, which types of businesses or organizations would you begin investigating based on the four methods commonly used by criminals to launder illegally earned money, and why. (Cite examples other than those listed in chapter 5 of the textbook.)
3.Explain how the concept of community policing can be used to control drug abuse and trafficking in our communities. Include your opinion on whether or not you think it works in communities with high crime rates, and what you’d change about the system.
4.Expound on the different methods of conventional drug control and enforcement. Which of these methods seem to have the greatest impact? Which have minimal impact?
Securities Fraud-The Investigation of  White Collar Crimes
Discussion-50 words each
1.What are hedge funds and how can unscrupulous businessmen use them to cheat the public? Cite specific case examples as part of your response.
2.Design a more effective deterrence program for white-collar criminals. What needs to be done that is not being done at present? Criminal homework help.
Assignment-250 words each answer
1.Examine the federal statute on insider trading. Does the language of the statute itself help explain why Martha Stewart was not charged with insider trading?
2.Explore Warren Buffett’s idea for a 100 percent tax on stocks owned a year or less. Is the liquidity argument valid?
3.Trace the history of arbitrage and outline the use of this arrangement today. Criminal homework help.

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