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Theory Application Paper – this paper must be in APA style and must have reference page.
IT MUST BE PROOFREAD POOR GRAMMAR WILL NOT BE OVERLOOKED. Do NOT use the word”I” anywhere in the paper. 

  1. In order to better comprehend the crime causation theories addressed in this course, students will apply theories to film. At the conclusion of the semester, each student must submit a final paper (4 to 6 pages) discussing three theories the student feels best explains criminality. Select a crime film or films viewed in class and discuss the explanation for criminal behavior appearing in the movie. Use the concepts discussed in class and in the texts. For example, is the film more psychological or sociological in its analysis?
  2. Good/better papers will incorporate material from the assigned readings, and/or from other academic literature. If you use a source outside of the class material, please provide a citation for that source. Criminal homework help
  3. Outstanding papers (those worthy of an A grade) typically incorporate outside research (not necessarily “library research”) where necessary. An example would be including a brief biography of the film’s director. NOTE: This is an example, if the film’s director is not central to the topic you explore, please do not include her/his biography in your paper.


  4. Areas you might address include:
  • The social context of the film
  • Ideology
  • Causes of crime
  • Crime/criminal justice myths
  • Race and/or gender myths
  • Stock plots/characters, genre

Notes on Written Work: All written work, except exams, must be completed using Microsoft Word. The written assignments must be double-spaced using a 12-point font (Times New Roman preferred). A cover page, header, reference page, and page numbers are required for all written assignments. You must use citations – you are discussing someone else’s work and theories 
Citations, notes, and references will conform to the American Psychological Association’s (APA) format for written works – this includes the APA format for citations in text. Avoid reliance on direct quotations, but rather utilize paraphrases with appropriate textual citations. All written work will be graded on factual accuracy, overall content, sophistication, grammar, and general communication skills. By sophistication it is meant that the language used and depth of thought reflected are appropriate to the course. Textbooks will not count as sources, nor will dictionaries or encyclopedias of any sort. Do not use Internet sources that do not have the author’s name and affiliation; Wikipedia is an unacceptable source. When in doubt, ask the instructor. Criminal homework help

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