Critical Analysis of the Whistleblower incentives and protection: Are a way of applying investment banking incentives to control management unethical and illegal practices

Proposal. This should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words and it should contain: 1.Title Page with sub-title, abstract, your full name, email, mobile number. (2) Abstract stating thesis or research question in no more than 300 words; (3) Outline of Proposed Contents with numbered section headings and aims and objectives of each section; and (4) Literature Review or Bibliography of a minimum of 30 articles, plus books and legal cases that are relevant to the research question. PLEASE INCOPORATE THE FELLOWING BELOW. THANKS

[ ] Outline function in MS Word so that each Chapter and Section has particular outline level label, and

[ ] Table of Contents, this should be generated using MS Word “Insert” then “index & tables” then “table of contents”, and

[ ] Separate title page.

The idea is that you can use your Proposal as a preliminary working document that has the proper format for your dissertation. 
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