Critical Evaluation of the Management of an Incident or Set of Events in practice

What we want you to do

Write a critical evaluation of the management of an incident or set of events in practice. It should focus on relationships and use psychological and communication theories as well as critiquing specific leadership skills relevant to the incident. The word length for this assignment is 2,250 words.  The incident/set of events MUST be described in an appendix with key elements outlined in your introduction.


Why we want you to do it

The aim of this module is to develop your ability to lead and manage care, utilising psychological concepts and communication models to ensure high quality service provision for people of all ages. It includes those with complex needs in all fields of practice within primary, secondary and tertiary care settings. 

In completing the assessment you should draw on the knowledge and skills of psychological and communication sciences and the values and attitudes required to lead and manage care within your chosen incident or set of events


Some examples of incidents which could be used:

Managing a complaint from a service-user


Prioritising, negotiating and delegating care activities among team members


Raising awareness of risks to patient safety


Depriving a service user of their liberty or detaining them under the Mental

    Health Acts 1983/2007

You may be describing your direct or indirect involvement, or your observation and evaluation of a situation.

For grading purposes the four Learning Outcomes are equally weighted.



Content guidance

Subjects students must include in their assignment

Knowledge: You will need to identify specific psychological and communication theories or concepts and critique how these were used in the incident. You will also need to identify and critique the leadership skills used and what is meant by ‘management’ and ‘leadership’ in the context of your incident. Reading theory and evidence based literature on these subjects will be one of the key activities in your preparation of this assessment.

Skills: Communication, self-awareness and the application of other psychological concepts are essential skills for good leadership and teamwork. You should evaluate the application of relevant psychological and communication theories when leading relationship centred care. The theory that the work considers will be led by the incident/set of events selected.


Values & attitudes: Our attitudes toward other people are often strongly connected to the things that we value in life. The values that are important to the NHS have been made clear in its constitution (Department of Health for England 2015) and these are highlighted in the values identified by individual trusts. The things that the government values in its nursing workforce (The 6 Cs) are written in Compassion in Practice (NHS Commissioning Board 2012). The literature that informs these ideas should be used in your critical evaluation

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