Cultural Information

 Your new employee is going to be moving overseas! Develop a cultural information paper that will help them understand how to make the transition. (Note: You are able to choose any country – please make sure the country of choice is logical for the position. Include in this paper: (1) a short introduction to the country (2) the local customs (3) what to expect and (4) a list of what is needed to work in the country, For example Certain countries require a work visa, Include the requirements for the work visa. Include country specific information needed to live and work in that country such as: (1) transportation availability (2) housing costs (3) union influence (4) work week (5) typical vacation time and anything specific to the country we would not experience in the US. For example: Some countries the children wear uniforms and go to school all year. The position moving overseas is the job in your description from Week 3. Find creative ways to incorporate your work from that assignment into this one. Include cover page and reference page are not included in the required assignment page length..

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