Current Economic Events Analysis

As part of integrating theory with real world events, regularly read the New York Times newspaper, The Guardian, Financial Times, and economics blogs. See the list of blogs to choose from, and their websites, below.


1. Select a newspaper article from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, or Financial Times clearly related to macroeconomics. You may instead choose from one of the blogs listed below; most of your posts, however, should be based on a newspaper article.
2. Every two weeks, write the equivalent of a one-page reaction (350 – 500 words) to the selected article or blog entry. This should be uploaded into the appropriate discussion board on BB. Clearly identify 1) the source of the article and 2) the main argument of the article; and 3) provide your analytical reaction to it. You should, for example, note the linkages between the issues discussed in the article and the theoretical material we are covering in class. You may also compare the event with economic events in other countries or regions. And you may offer a critique of the author’s approach to analyzing a particular issue (are their assumptions appropriate, for example?).
3. Your entry should be clearly connected to our course material. If it is not, choose a different article. Make sure to make the connection between the article and theory we are discussing in class (don’t assume the reader understands the link).
4. The web link for the article or blog post should be at the bottom of your post. Do NOT repeat the title of the article in the paper or source.
5. You should then comment on at least one other student’s entry for that week, with a comment that should be at least 4-5 sentences long, and it should be substantive—that is, it should critically engage with the material you are commenting on by referring to theory, other reading you have done, and so forth.
6. These should be completed by every other Thursday, beginning with September 7 before class. [No late assignments accepted, no exceptions]. There may be a temptation to wait until the last minute to do these assignments, but do not give in. Altogether, you should have 7 such entries and 7 comments on your classmates’ entries, due on the following dates:

1)Our course materials is on the files.
2)Please Do Not write like a native speaker
3)News should connected to our course material clearly.
4)The news should be current news(from this week or last week) which is belong to
New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, or Financial Times clearly related to macroeconomics.

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