Curricculum Theory And Instruction

One of the more ambitious and controversial curriculum development projects in recent times has been the development of the Common Core State Standards. Designed to ensure today’s public school students are college and/or career ready when they graduate from high school, CCSS have proponents as well as critics. In Orstein, Pajak, and Orstein, Robert Rothman discusses the purpose and rationale behind the development of the CCSS. Wiles and Bondi, in several places (pp. 88–95; 155–157; 177–180) discuss both the rationale supporting the CCSS as well as the curriculum developmental process behind the CCSS. While Rothman is a strong supporter of CCSS, Wiles and Bondi take some issue with CCSS. Discuss both points of view and provide your own critique of each author’s position. How do you see CCSS impacting the future of curriculum design? Your responses should be a minimum of two to three paragraphs long. Support your responses with relevant citations, using proper APA format, both from the course materials, as well as outside resources. Be sure to use vocabulary that is relevant to the topic! Books used From your course text, Curriculum: Foundations, Principles, and Issues, 6th read:  Ch. 1: The Field of Curriculum Ch. 2: Philosophical Foundations of Curriculum From your course text, Contemporary Issues in Curriculum, 6th read:  Ch. 1: Philosophy as a Basis for Curriculum Decisions From your course text, Curriculum Development: A Guide to Practices,9th read:  Ch. 1: Curriculum Development in a Global Age

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