Cyber Security Software Piracy One of the Several US Federal Laws related to Computer Crime

Task 1. Expanding on the information in the last chapter of your textbook, select a research topic related to computer security, conduct a brief research on the topic referencing current events as they relate to the topic, analyze the information with respect to different perspectives, theories or solutions. Select from one of the following topics are: Cyber Security Software Piracy One of the Several US Federal Laws related to Computer Crime (see your textbook) One of the ways terrorists are Using the Internet (see your textbook)

One of the categories of potential Cyberterrorist Attacks (see your textbook) One of the commonly used Controls to safeguard Information Systems (see your textbook) Below is an example of Cyber Security: Define cyber security, discuss a specific aspect of cyber security, and state your thesis. Present in-depth information regarding existing knowledge and/or research on the topic of cyber security. What are the various viewpoints and ideas regarding cyber security? How is cyber security understood? What methodology is implemented? How is data collected? Who collects the data? Based on existing literature and data, what insightful patterns, similarities/differences, or trends can you identify that relate to your thesis and topic focus? What limitations exist with cyber security and what are the implications? What conclusions can you draw from your findings? Present and describe at least three possible solutions to enhance cyber security.

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