Descriptive Profile Essay

 Your next paper will be a descriptive profile, in which you write a profile of a person, a place, or an event. All are interesting and challenging options. For a person profile, choose a person to interview. You’ll want to find an interesting “angle” for this person rather than write a full biographical sketch. You’ll want to quote your person throughout your essay, but you’ll also want to describe the person’s appearance, body language, and demeanor, as well as his or her environment. For a place profile, visit a place which intrigues you. Take your time describing the environment. Don’t forget that people are an important part of many environments. Find an “angle” for your profile, so your reader is left with a dominant impression of the place. If people are present, you must quote at least one person in your profile. This can be “overheard” conversation or a quote from an informal interview. An event profile is similar to a place profile with more focused activity. Interview at least one person involved in the event. No matter which type of profile you choose to write, it’s wise to select a subject you can revisit, if necessary. This usually isn’t possible with an activity; keep that in mind as you select your subject. An average length for this essay is four to six pages. You may exceed this, but ensure your essay is concisely written and focused. Your paper should be double-spaced. After writing your essay, follow these steps. Read your draft out loud. Listen for vague or “filler” words (including the forbidden ones), awkward, wordy, or unclear sentences, and obvious grammar errors. Mark these problems on your draft. Determine if you’ve added enough detail to your profile. Have you described the environment and people within your profile? Have you included dialogue? Have you stayed in the same tense throughout your profile? Does your point of view work for your purpose and audience? Does your profile have a clear angle?

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