Designing an Informed Consent Process

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Designing an Informed Consent Process

You have been asked by a small medical practice to design a process for obtaining informed consent to prostate-specific
antigen (PSA) testing. You can find information about the test here:

After reviewing this information, as well as any other
relevant and authoritative sources you find on the Internet, please draft the following:

� An informed consent form to testing written to conform to the “disclosure standard” for providers in the American Healthcare System. The
form should be concise, easily understandable, and free of any non-essential information.
� A one-page document containing links to at least two decision aids about the test (you can find numerous
decision aids on the Internet), along with a one-paragraph description of how each decision aid works.
� A one-page cover letter to health care providers, which you will send out along with the two documents above,
explaining the purpose of the documents and any other important information you believe providers should know
in designing an effective informed consent process

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