detoxification center theris

Introduction to the Building and its proposed place in Dubai:
Give a brief introduction of the city of Dubai and the district in which the building is situated, or the empty plot into which you are intending to import your. You need to identify the different routes and transportation methods to reach the site, and the possibility of pedestrian access, if any. Explain why is this a good site for your project:
Building Description:
Give a full description of the existing building structure in terms of its building style, number of levels, current function, interior design and internal circulation (number of elevators, staircases, assembly points … etc.) Identify the reasons for choosing this specific building and how:
Your design proposal is better suited for it than its current function.
The building will empower your design proposal.
Finally, mention any changes in structure, circulation, or size that you will be considering during the course of your design.
Final Program and Matrix:
This is now the time to finalize the program of your project, considering all the research elements that you have worked with:
Standard and Local Codes.
Spatial requirements of your project as concluded from the Case studies in Chapter 4.
The above Building analysis and its Existing circulation.
Bubble Diagrams & Block Diagram:
This is the last item of your research. You have to propose three different Bubble Diagrams based on the final Program and Matrix. You are to briefly explain the cons/pros of each proposal and conclude your thesis with your final project proposal presented in the form of a loose Block Diagram.

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