Developing Workforce Objectives and Strategies

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Developing Workforce Objectives and Strategies

Question 1

How does becoming an employer of choice assist in offering sufficient benefits to attract employees?

Question 2

What does PRIDE mean?

Question 3

In your own words, write short definitions for the following words:

  1. Redeployment
  1. Redundancy
  1. Triple Bottom Line

Question 4

Do you believe that exit interviews are a good method to use to identify reasons for high turnover?

Question 5

Staff are leaving at an unacceptable rate. In the exit interviews, they are complaining about the way they are treated by management. They are either micro managed or completely ignored.

What do you believe should be done about this problem? Make recommendations.

Question 6

Why is a skills audit beneficial to an organisation in the current economy in Australia?


Do you believe that offering potential staff with an attractive work environment will assist in minimising some of the skills shortages? Discuss.

Question 8

List the strategies you can use to source skilled labour internally and externally.

Question 9

You have been asked to recruit a new engineer to maintain the organisations production robots. What methods would you recommend to be used to advertise the position? Why?

Question 10

What is the importance of a communication plan to workforce planning?

Question 11

Why is it important to obtain management support in workforce planning?

Question 12

Who should be part of the consultative process of the communication plan?

Question 13

What is the importance of making the goals measurable?

Question 14

Why is communication an important part of gaining agreement for objectives and targets?

Question 15

What is the importance of a contingency plan?

Question 16

What is the importance of the Business Continuity Plan?

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