Dialogue On Christianity

 An old friend from your church bible study group is in town and you decide to meet for lunch to catch up. As you talk at lunch you are surprised to learn that your friend is no longer a Christian. Although your friend had never taken the Christian faith very seriously, they had attended church and a bible study group. Your friend argues, “Christianity only sees human beings as bad or evil. Christianity just makes people feel bad about themselves. I think people are basically good and want to look out for each other. God is just some distant figure who is not involved, so why worry about it. Besides, people cannot change. They might like to think they can change but they never do.” Please read the above and in 300-400 words, how do you respond to your friend? The paper can be written in dialogue form (as if you were talking to your friend) OR it can be written in essay form (as if you were talking to your professor about what you would say). Whatever format you choose, be sure to cite where the information is coming from. You may use any citation style you want but remain consistent throughout the paper. Be sure to look in Course Resources for the paper rubric.

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