Discussion 4301

Discussion 1: Poverty and Success   As the Learning Resources this week point out, troubling disparities exist between children and adolescents who grow up in poverty and those who grow up in middle or upper class households. Children and adolescents from lower socioeconomic levels tend to have less academic and professional success, and higher rates of crime, incarceration, and substance abuse than their more affluent peers. In this Discussion, you will consider the factors that lead to these disparities, and that might be done to address these factors and reduce the disparities. Reflect on the following:     •How might the culture of impoverished homes and communities differ from the culture of middle or upper class homes and communities? Why do you think these differences exist?    •What effect might the culture of poverty have on children and adolescents’ physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development?    •What specific actions can parents, teachers, other professionals, community members, and/or government leaders take to increase the chances of success for children and adolescents who grow up in poverty?    With these thoughts in mind, follow the instructions below to post your response to this Discussion topic.   By Tuesday:   Post an explanation of at least two specific cultural factors that may contribute to the disparity in success between children and adolescents who grow up in poverty and their more affluent peers. Then describe at least two specific strategies or measures that might help reduce these disparities, explaining why. Be sure to use the Learning Resources to support your response.

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