I NEED THE ASAP IT IS DUE TOMORROW 11/2 THIS IS A TWO PART DICUSSION. PART 1 ON ONE PAGE PART 2 ON ANOTHER. I HAVE ATTACHED AN EXAMPLE ON WHAT PART 1 DISUSSION IS SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE, THIS IS WHAT THE TEACHER EXPECTS. EVERYTHING UNDERLINED IN PART 1 AND 2 MUST BE ADDRESSED FULLY. PART 1    Storytelling Stories are everywhere.  They are the basis of our nightly news, our conversations at the dinner table or on the phone, and the articles we read in our local newspaper.  Children are immersed in stories just as we are, and this immersion is what helps even the very young become motivated to learn to read. Section 7.2(SEE ATTACHED FILE) of the course text discusses the importance of storytelling in this process.  Through storytelling children can learn how to make sense of their world and begin to understand that we care about them (Coats, 2013).  For this post, you will be showing the necessary steps involved in effective storytelling.   After choosing a story to read to a preschool class, discuss the following elements:    ALL THE ELEMENTS MUST BE FULLY ADDRESSED! · The title and author of your chosen story · Why you selected that particular story · The steps you will take to prepare your story for telling · Things to consider while performing the story · How you will model good storytelling to your students · The specific culminating questions you might ask once you have finished the story · Which of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for grade level K-5 (pg. 11) might be a focus for this lesson, and why? For this post, you can write a 200- to 300-word post describing each element above. Be sure to post all necessary links and/or text, and address all of the elements.  PART 2 ALL 4 WAYS BELOW MUST BE ANSWERED FULLY. As Section 8.1(SEE ATTACHED FILE) of your text states, the most important visual literacy component of learning to read is the alphabetic principle (Coats, 2013).  This understanding that words consist of letters that correspond to sounds must be taught explicitly.   After viewing the video The Alphabetic Principle (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and reading Chapter 8 of your text, you will discuss ways in which you can use the alphabetic principle in your teaching, and then you will conduct a book review.  Select a book that meets your assigned criteria below as the basis for this discussion. Select a book that builds vocabulary. ( THIS IS THE TYPE OF BOOK I NEED TO BE USED) 1.Discuss ways in which we use the alphabetic principle in our classrooms or daily lives. 2.Use the video for examples.  Then, provide the title and author of the book, and give a brief overview of what the book is about.  3. For your book review, discuss how the book meets your assigned criteria and how it specifically addresses that skill.   4.Identify ways you can use the book in your classroom to reinforce your assigned criteria. I DO NOT NEED A TITLE PAGE. BE SURE TO ADD REFERENCES TO BOTH PARTS. 

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