Doctoral Reflection

 Share your perspective about scholarly language and terminology. How will you increase your command of language and terminology suited to your discipline? Will you need to develop some structure or discipline to assist you? Describe your process for completing annotations and journal article critiques. How has your process changed? Think of the approximate amount of time you spent on each assignment. Did that improve with time? Describe, discuss, and assess your critical writing and thinking skills. Provide concrete examples as relevant. Have you noticed any change(s) since you began your doctoral program?   Describe your experience in seeking, identifying, reading, analyzing, and synthesizing the various academic resources and journal articles. What worked well and what were the challenges? What have you learned about writing a literature review that will help you in writing future papers? What did you find useful about courses in your doctoral program and what recommendations do you have for making the course more meaningful and relevant for doctoral students.

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