Part 1: Global Education You are excited about the idea of global education. However, you are not sure where to begin when incorporating it into your classroom. Your principal suggests that you start by revising one of your current units: Choose a thematic unit that you might teach in your current or future classroom. Offer a brief description of the unit to your classmates. Explain how you could revise the unit and activities to incorporate theories of global education. Use the information you viewed in the World Economic Forum Global Education Initiative 2008 video to help you formulate ideas. When reading your classmates’ posts, offer them feedback and suggestions to help them improve upon their thematic unit ideas. Part 2 Wrap-up and Reflection The second part of this Discussion will give you an opportunity to wrap-up and reflect on what you have learned in this course. Consider the following topics and post your responses to the Discussion Board: How can you implement the historical lessons and philosophies from this class, your textbook, and your resources into your classroom? Why is global education important to you as a classroom teacher? Explain how your work in this course relates to the course and program outcomes. You can find the program outcomes in the MAT Conceptual Framework in Course Documents.

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