Drugs And Society

   A full page Answer to each of the Question From “Moral Issues that Divide Us,” identify an ethical issue or a public policy issue that has challenged your viewpoint/perspective on Drug Use and Our Culture.  Explain your thoughts prior to this class and prior to this reading; has it changed or not changed, why or why not?  Please be specific, use details, and support your ideas/thoughts with the ethical or policy issue/position.  Resilience is a key term that can currently be connected to the current problems we face as a society with drug abuse.  What does resilience mean, why is it a marker within individuals that can affect decisions, mental health, coping, etc., and how does it play a role in both the process of addiction, as well as the process of change?  (hint: consider the key terms we’ve talked about in the process of addiction, the stages of change model, and cost/benefit analysis of behavior.)  Does this affect how you think…and how you work with… individuals who use/abuse substances?  Why or Why not? 

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