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Assignment Instructions Create a questionnaire for parents to complete upon enrolling their child in your program or classroom.  Think of at least 10 questions that you might ask to help you get to better know the child and the family. After each question give short rationale of why this is important information to know. Cite a reference for EACH rationale.  A reference may be used up to three times.  Use in-text citations to link each reference, and, have a reference page at the end of this assignment. Reference page will be in APA format. Questionnaire should be created in a word document and uploaded as an attachment. Rubric Do NOT copy the information from your sources. You must summarize the information and provide citations in APA format.  Your project will automatically be submitted to You and your instructor will receive the results. If you need help with please see the information posted in the Announcements. Grading Rubric Possible grade Student grade Questionnaire for parents with 10 questions that help teachers to get to know the child and family better. Each question has rationale that is also referenced. 70 Questionnaire was well organized and easy to follow. Few to no spelling, grammar, punctuation or other writing structure errors. Excluding references, paper should be at least 500 words. 15 Citations and Reference list were in the correct APA format. Each reference was used no more than three times. 15 TOTAL

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