Early Childhood Thesis

2-3 Pages APA Format No Plagiarism  Children come into the world eager to learn. The first five years of life are a time of enormous growth of linguistic, conceptual, social, emotional, and motor competence. Right from birth a healthy child is an active participant in that growth, exploring the environment, learning to communicate, and, in relatively short order, beginning to construct ideas and theories about how things work in the surrounding world. The pace of learning, however, will depend on whether and to what extent the child’s inclinations to learn encounter and engage supporting environments. There can be no question that the environment in which a child grows up has a powerful impact on how the child develops and what the child learns.  Based on the information provided in the executive summary above: prepare a thesis-defense essay that supports early childhood development programs.  Address the following questions:  Discuss the trend that supports the growing interest in early childhood development programs—from a pragmatic perspective.  Explain what the research suggests about childhood development that supports the need for early childhood development programs.  Analyze to what extent and in what manner early childhood development programs are made available throughout the United States.  Determine, based on current trends and empirical research (above), if this current status is sufficient and explain. 

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