Economic differences between US & India

India, currently the second most populous country, is rapidly developing as its population continues to grow. India also faces many social, economic, and environmental challenges. In this writing assignment, you will analyze three major issues India and make comparisons to these situations to the U.S. context.

The first part of this assignment examines issues related to marriage. One of the main concerns in India is arranged marriages. This concept, that seems crazy to Americans but is the norm in India, is discussed in The Economist article “Marriage in India is Becoming Less Traditional”(1). Read this article, and along with additional research that you do on this topic, write about how marriage in India is similar and different to marriage in the U.S. Additionally, discuss the positive and negative impact arranged marriages have on both social and economic development in India. Be sure to include a discussion about caste systems. In your opinion, where does marriage appear to be heading in the U.S?

The second part of this assignment will be concerned with drinking water. After reading The Economist articles, “Why India has a water crisis”(2) and “That Flinty Taste”(3), write a page comparing and contrasting the water issues in India and Flint, Michigan. What are the main causes that got people in each place into their current problematic situation and how a more sustainable path towards development could have prevented these problems? Which crisis do you think is more surprising and why? How have cultural differences played a role in the attempted resolutions of these crises.

The last part of this assignment relates to environmental hazards. Watch the video “The Children of Bhopal”(4) and compare and contrast it to an environmental crisis that has happened in the U.S. How could the governments have responded to the crises better? What could have been done to prevent the issues from happening in the first place? How did the wealth of the area impact the response to the crises?


Please include an introduction and conclusion. Citations, should be in MLA format and the references are not considered as part of the page limit. Good writing and grammar are expected. If you have questions, you are encouraged to me!





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