Economics homework help

Theme:Under Covid-19,The dependence of the global economy on global supply chains
Once you have chosen your theme, you will do an annotated bibliography of 5 articles for background research on the topic and concept(s) you will explain. You will turn it in as your Mid-term assignment on Gauchospace. Your grade will be awarded on an individual basis, so indicate which articles you wrote about.

  • This background research should be assembled into an annotated bibliography Word document.  Here are the elements we want you to include ƒor each annotated article (1 paragraph):Economics homework help
    • Introduction of the main argument and, if possible, main concept(s) of the text


    • State the aim and research methods to sustain that argument
    • Indicate the content or scope of the text
    • Identify any conclusions made by the author(s)
    • Explain how the text helps to inform your project
  • Chicago style is preferred:
  • For each annotated article, you’ll start with 1-2 sentences on how it helps to inform your Instagram series. 
  • These articles should provide the background research for your creative project. For e.g., if you are doing a project on health inequalities, locate 10 articles that will provide some background facts, narrative framing, or historical context about the history of public health, the privatization of health insurance, etc., that you’ll later on link to the current pandemic. You might read through 10 articles before picking two really good ones.
  • You can use a maximum of 2 articles from class, including the one(s) you use to explain the concept(s) we learned that will help you explain what is going on with the pandemic and the global economy. The rest must be external sources, as a way for you to practice your independent research skills.
  • Articles can be a mix of peer-reviewed journal articles and newspaper articles, but should not be from wikipedia or other less credible sources. You should use articles from well-established news sources such as The New York Times or The Atlantic, or credible international news sources such as South China Morning Post, or alternative news sources such as Democracy Now or The Intercept.
  • example: Economics homework help

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