GENERAL Mark range -Provides an excellent and professional Research Report that will help address a THGE issue identified in the literature.

REFERENCES- Exceptional APA application.15 + high-quality references (e.g. peer-reviewed academic journals).

INTRODUCTION AND AIMS AND OBJECTIVES- Demonstrates an exceptional understanding of the chosen research topic. Provides an excellent explanation of the aims and objectives of the Research Proposal. Aims and objectives are exceptionally clear. Describe the overall aim of the research (The broad issue or problem that the research aims to solve). Significance (Explain why this issue is important) Provide three research objectives

SUMMARY LITERATURE REVIEW-This will be a SUMMARY of the essay you have already done for Assignment 1. ( Assignment 1 has been attached as an additional file). You will need to select the best parts to include here.Provides an excellent summary of the most relevant literature. Clearly identifies the research gap in the published literature and comments on how the Research Proposal will assist in filling that gap.

CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK- Provides an exceptional explanation of the conceptual framework applied for the research study. A diagram of how the different concepts in the proposed research are related. You may use (and reference) one from a published source, or draw one yourself.

METHODOLOGY- Clearly identifies and provides an exceptional explanation of methodology proposed to be used. (Quantitative or Qualitative).

DATA COLLECTION- Clearly identifies and provides an exceptional explanation of the data collection tool proposed to be used. Describe the best way to collect the data. Explain why this is the best method.

SAMPLING- Clearly identifies and provides an exceptional explanation of the sampling method proposed to be used. Who would the participants be? How will you find and access them?

ETHICS- Clearly identifies and provides exceptional examples of ethical considerations of research. Describe at least three of the most important ethical issues in this research.

CONCLUSION- Excellent conclusion that is clear and concise and summarises the Research Proposal and does not introduce any new material. Summarise how the proposed research will help address the research issue/problem. Indicate at least one group of people (or animals) who would benefit from this research.

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