EDU 352: Foundations Of Educational Technology Week 1 Dq 2

Pros and Cons of Using Educational Technology in Schools    Explore four of the sources listed under the “Using Technology in Schools” section of the Week One Resourcesdocument. If long, skim the source to get the main ideas. Choose two sources that focus on the pros of technology in schools, and two sources that focus on the cons of using technology in schools. Alternatively, you can choose up to two of the sources that focus on both the pros and cons for two of your four choices. Initial Post   List the title of each the sources you chose, and list the main points or arguments made by each author. Next, give your opinion of the content you explored, focusing on the questions below. Elaborate on your opinions, citing each source to support your ideas. How can technology best be used in schools? What factors contribute to successful technology use in schools? Are there some technologies that should not be used in schools? Should we stop trying to integrate technology in schools?    

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