EDU 352: Foundations Of Educational Technology Week 2 Dq 2

Explore Ed Tech Tools: Timelines, Virtual Field Trips, Games, and Simulations    You will explore tools and websites to learn more about the use of timelines, games, simulations, and virtual field trips in education. After completing the required readings and exploring the websites and multimedia listed in the Week Two Resources document, try out a tool from each of these categories: Virtual Field Trips, Games, Simulations, and Timeline Tools. You can also discuss tools not listed below you find on the Web – just be clear as to which category the tool belongs in. Make sure you play a game or two. Virtual Field Trips   Ten of the Best Virtual Field Trips   Games   BrainPOP  (Animated educational site for kids) Brain Games (Fun games that train your mind) Free Rice (Online game to play and donate rice through the World Food Program) Hard Games (from PBS Kids) Online Basic Skill Games   Simulations   CityOne: A Smarter Planet Game The Simulations and Serious Games Registry Top Issue-Oriented Computer Simulations   Timeline Tools   Tiki Toki TimelineJS Top 10 Free Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers   You read about using timelines in teaching this week. As you prepare your initial post for this discussion, consider the following questions:   What are some advantages of having students create a timeline? How can a visual representation help students make connections or see events differently? Do you think games and simulations can be used to help students learn? Do you think they are motivating? How does a teacher use these tools successfully with students to promote learning? What did you think of the virtual field trip(s)? How can a teacher use virtual field trips in the classroom to help students learn?   Initial Post   Think about how each of the tools you explored can enhance teaching and/or learning. Give a specific example for educational use of: games and simulations timelines virtual field trips Explain how one technology can be used in a specified grade and content area to meet a learning objective. For example, Tool X would be great in fourth grade reading as it would help these readers accomplish this learning goal. Finally, choose one additional tool and give a specific example of how this tool can to enhance the learning of an additional group of learners. These groups include special needs learners, cultural/racial/ethnic groups, and English language learners. An example: The Free Rice game is excellent for English language learners as it has a vocabulary section to help build English vocabulary. The game offers more difficult questions when the player answers correctly, or easier questions if an error is made, so it adjusts to the appropriate level of each player.   Note: The Instructor Guidance and the Week Two Resources can help you with this discussion.      

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