EDUC 1004 Contect Reveiw

The text states that, “ How a family functions is more important for the children than the structure of their family,” (Berger, 2016, p. 422). In your own words describe the difference in family function and structure. Select one family structure as noted in Table 13.2 on page 420 of the course text to demonstrate how in can function to meet the five common needs of children noted on page 418 of the text. Review the information on pages 429 – 433 in your course text describing the influence of peers. Friendships, Popularity, and Bullying are each described in the text. Select one to focus on and in your own word note their potential negative consequences on child social development. Describe how they can be supported to overcome this. The text describes Kohlberg’s Levels of Moral Thought (pp. 434-435) Using this theoretical framework and Table 13.3, describe a moral decision you have observed or recall making and apply Kohlberg’s theory. In your response indicate which Level and Stage the moral decision represents.

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