Education Assignment

Purpose The concept of “educating for social reconstruction” speaks to the humanitarian side of the teaching profession. We live in a world engulfed in wars, disease, hunger, unemployment, substance abuse, homelessness, and global warming, to name a few of the problems that afflict people around the world. Instructions For this Assignment, you will write a paper on the subject of global education. Your paper should draw upon the ideas of philosophers like John Dewey (1916), Paolo Freire (1970), Henry Giroux (1981), and other academics who seek to improve the world through education. Focus on one of these topics for your paper: What reasons justify that we (American educators) should take a global view of education? Are there any reasons why we should NOT take this view? How does global education differ from “multicultural education” in both purpose and form? How does global education affect the methodologies that are present in our classrooms today? Do they support or diminish their effective influence on student achievement? How does a global view of education coincide with the academic expectations of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) for the education of all students? Is this legislation a threat to the idea of incorporating a global view of education within American schools today? Why or why not? Compared to the other pedagogical philosophies you have read and discussed in this course, how much support does global education have among today’s educators? Does today’s educator embrace all that a global education can offer to our students or have we completely taken on a 21st Century idealistic perspective of how education should look within our schools? You can use your Unit 2 Annotated Bibliography Assignment to start building an outline for the paper. The outline might look something like this: Introduction: Define and describe global education and give a brief summary of what this paper will be about. Body: This is where you will address the questions in the Assignment directions. This will be 6-8 pages and you will support your ideas with the sources you identified for your Annotated Bibliography. Conclusion: Wrap up your paper here. Discuss why the topic of global education is important in the 21stCentury. Remember that technology is a big factor in why schools should be concerned with globalization and teaching America’s children about other cultures and countries. Format Your paper should be 8-10 pages, including a title page and a reference page. Follow APA formatting and writing guidelines.

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