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1. Please answer the following question in APA style 7th edition with 150-250 words with reference
2. description of transformational leadership in the readings. Has your picture of leadership changed? In what ways? Consider these changes for a moment: are they based on behavior, thinking, or worldview? How might these changes support or overturn assumptions or perceptions of transformative leadership?
3. Some have suggested one of the primary roles of those in a leadership position is to focus on supporting the self-worth of followers which, in turn, leads to task performance provided to the leader. Consider ways follower perceptions of leaders and leader perceptions of followers encourage or discourage growth or engagement toward these ends. What strategies or adjustments might a leader have to make within his/her own behavior, thinking, or worldview when follower perceptions of the leader are misaligned with the leader’s perceptions of self?


4. Some leaders gravitate toward the tenets of servant leadership because of perceived compatibility with the Christian worldview. Is servant leadership the only theory of leadership that is compatible with the Christian worldview? Explain.
5. Some have suggested servant leadership is a paradox. Can a person successfully operate and be perceived as both a servant and a leader simultaneously? Why or why not? Are there aspects of one’s worldview or identity that could influence the potential for successfully operationalizing this paradox?Explain. Education homework help
6. Examine your results from the “Leadership Archetype Questionnaire.” What gaps or misalignments, if any, exist between the results of your assessment and how you perceive yourself in leadership constructs? Explain. What strategies or adjustments in your own behavior, thinking, or worldview might you have to consider when addressing the perceptions of followers?
7. If identity and personality are positioned as a set of personal, social, or organizational definitions, in what ways might personality and identity present competing perceptions of leader behaviors as followers observe leaders carrying out organizational strategies? Explain.
8. Revisit the definition of leadership you constructed in Module 1.Based on your experiences engaging with the course readings, discussions, and assignments, in what ways has your definition of leadership changed? Explain. How has your worldview influenced the nature and extent of these changes? Explain. How do you now view yourself in the context of organizational leadership or as a leader of others? Why is this significant? How might the way you now view yourself in the context of organizational leadership or as a leader of others influence your dissertation research topic? Explain.Education homework help

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