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For this discussion, you will interview two change leaders individually about how each addresses inequalities in access, opportunity, and outcomes for the learners in their education settings. Their role must include influencing and/or determining policy at the systemic level of a learning organization. Examples might include: P–12 or university leader, government official, member of an education board, director of a learning organization, or professional education organization leader.



To prepare:
Design five questions for your interviewees that will provide insights into and examples of:

  • leader’s understanding of culturally responsive education prices
  • How the leader’s organization has implemented or advocates implementing to promote culturally responsive education practices
  • How the leader’s organization evaluates the effectiveness of policy intended to promote culturally responsive education practices
  • Culturally responsive leadership theories that inform each leader’s actions (i.e., authentic leadership, social justice leadership, ethical leadership, and/or moral transformative leadership)
  • Conduct the interviews


A brief description of the change leaders you interviewed, including the scope of their leadership role and how they influence and/or determine policy at the systemic level of a learning organization. For each leader, summarize his or her responses to your interview questions and prompts.
Based on these responses, evaluate the status of culturally responsive education practice and leadership at each learning organization, including:

  • Strengths and/or weaknesses regarding culturally responsive education practices
  • Evidence of culturally responsive leadership practices in the leader you interviewed
  • Concerns and recommendations for each leader to improve his or her culturally responsive education practices and leadership. Cite resources to support your concerns and/or recommendations.

Explain how you would use what you have learned from these interviews to address the culturally responsive education needs in your context or in a context you hope to serve as a change leader.

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