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ASSIGNMENT 1:  Policy Proposal and the Communication Process (25 points):  Students are given the task to create a new policy or revise an existing policy for your educational institution or any organization.  Students will examine the procedures to establish a proposal or recommendation for this new or revised policy and submit a proposal or resolution to be considered for this policy change. You are to submit a document with the following:
1. Proposed details for exact policy proposed (e.g., curriculum and instruction, influence of daily operations, diversity, ethics, demographics, equity, equality, compromise);
2. Positive aspects (strengths) of implementing proposal recommendation; Education homework help
3. Negative aspects (limitations-obstacles) of implementing proposal recommendation;


4. Brief financial analysis (i.e., costs and benefits) of the proposal recommendation; and
5. Recommended implementation date and rationale for selecting this date.  Provide an analysis of the proposal-recommendation and reason for its submission.  For example: the need for the policy, which stakeholders are involved, who will follow the policy, who will manage the policy implementation, and who will monitor people to follow the policy changes. Education homework help

Additionally,  look at ways of communicating this policy to your colleagues, employees or other possible stakeholders. The role of communicating policy is extremely important whether from a proactive or reactive position. Failure to transmit policy or any instructions can have a negative impact in regards to an organization. If you fail to educate or inform your people of a new or revised policy, many stakeholders and the organization could be faced with unlimited consequences (i.e., ethical situations, diversity, accountability, transparency).  With the above in mind, you will add how human resources could handle communicating policy to the internal entity of your organization. No matter the stage of policy development, everyone responsible for the policy must be informed.  You are to prepare a doctoral level paper, at least five “full” pages of content, plus a title page, and a references page. Since this assignment is written from your perspective, you will write in first person; there are at least 5 scholarly references (2011 to 2015-2021) required to support your responses.  Education homework help

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