Education homework help

Education homework help

Unit:  Core Competencies, Thesis Introduction, and Collaboration

Deliverable Length:  Contract and PowerPoint Presentation Deck (5-7 slides with notes)

Unit 1: Selection and Approval of Topic Contract and PPTPresentation80 points available (see scoring distribution and rubric below)


To begin your capstone experience, you will be required to complete a  specialization library thesis with specific deliverables due beginning  with Unit 1 and ending with the completed thesis due in Unit 3. The  critical first step involves reading the specialization library thesis  requirements (linked below), selecting a topic, submitting a contract,  and obtaining topic approval from your faculty.Education homework help

Part 2: Approved Topic Presentation

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that explains your approved  capstone project thesis idea. Assume that you are making a presentation  to an approval committee for permission to move forward with your  project.

Read the description and instructions, complete the topic request, and sign the specialization library thesis contract.

Part One – Topic Selection, Contract Signature, and Faculty Approval Candidates must be sure to research and verify that there are suitable research studies and peer-reviewed sources for both sides of the issue BEFORE submitting the topic to faculty for approval. Candidate topic for approval is _________________________________________________. Faculty approval must be obtained prior to beginning work and for any change of topic once approved. This contract must be submitted and approved by faculty at the beginning of the Capstone experience and prior to candidate submission of any other assignments (excluding intellipath® and Unit 1 DB postings). After reading this Specialization Library Thesis Contract, fill in the requested topic above, sign this contract below, and e-mail this completed document to your faculty member as instructed in the Unit 1 Individual Project assignment within the Virtual Campus.


Part Two – Approved Topic Presentation Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that explains your approved Capstone project thesis idea. Assume that you are making a presentation to an approval committee for permission to move forward on your project.

Include the following: •Provide a summary of the project idea.  •Provide your rationale for choosing the topic.   •List your personal growth objectives anticipated by participating in a Capstone experience.   •Describe how this Capstone experience will reflect what you have learned in this program and specifically, your specialization. This presentation should focus on your anticipated personal growth from participating in a graduate-level Capstone experience and provide a reflection opportunity for you to tie in your

v.   core and specialization content mastery. Remember to use brief bullet points, charts, graphs, and other appropriate visuals. The presentation should reflect mastery of tools and design. Use the Notes feature to include your presentation script. Include supporting sources as necessary. Be sure your presentation product reflects a graduate-level work product.

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