Effects of Information Technology in Health Care

•         Organize and display data using different graphical representations.

•         Analyze data to form hypotheses and create convincing arguments

•         Recognize that data and graphs can be misinterpreted and can be misleading.

•         Understand measures of central tendency and the effect of outliers.

•         Relate census and sample

•         Identify bias in data-collection methods

•         Use databases and spreadsheets (SPSS)

•         Collect, display, and evaluate data on charts and graphs

•         Identify and describe trends in graphs

•         Understand and apply measures of central tendency.




•         Questionnaire Design

•         Purpose

•         The purpose of this assignment is to gain practice in designing a questionnaire appropriate for use in a research study.


•         Description

•         You are to develop a short questionnaire on a topic of your choice using SurveyMonkey. It might be one that you can later use for your research proposal, but that is not required. You should include roughly 8 to 12

•         questions, which should involve at least a couple of different question types (i.e., not all questions should be multiple choice or open-ended). The questions should all relate to the topic you are presumably investigating. The questionnaire should begin with a title and brief introduction to its intended purpose so respondents understand why they are being asked to participate in the survey. Note that this stated purpose might not be an accurate description of your real purpose if revealing that would affect responses.


•         Evaluation Criteria

•         To receive maximum points on this assignment, your questionnaire must possess the following

•         characteristics:


•         Authority. You should have a concise but informative introduction. Who is conducting and/or sponsoring the study? Does the goal of the study seem important or valuable enough for someone to want to take the time to complete it?


•         Professionalism. Is the formatting consistent and readable? Are there typos that would cast doubt on the capabilities of the researchers? Is there enough variety in question types to make completing the questionnaire somewhat interesting or engaging?

•         Appropriateness. Does each question appear useful for the goals of the study? Does each question produce data that is necessary to address the research topic?






A.     Survey Theme:


Give at least two reasons why this is a good idea for a survey topic.




B.      Opening Letter:

Most surveys have an opening letter which includes the following information:

•         Your company name, HBMSU, address, phone and fax numbers, website (letterhead)

•         Date, address, of the person you sent the survey to

•         Survey title

•         Introduction to the survey, why the survey is being conducted, a closing, your name, and job title.

•         The letter should be completed in a word processor.


A.      Survey:

Your survey should have at least, in total, 10 questions. These questions must be in 4 different forms (5 questions per form). Question forms include:

1.      Yes/no

2.       Multiple choice

3.       Numeric answers

4.       Ranking (1= strongly agree— 10= strongly disagree)


Proper English and spelling will be evaluated. The survey should be completed on a word processor.

A.     Conduct the Survey:

Conduct the survey on at least 10 different people. The more people you survey the better your data will represent the population you surveyed. Collect data in an accurate manner. Prepare a collection or tally sheet for your use. Hand the tally sheet in with your completed assignment.(SPSS)


A.     Present the Data:

Present the data in the following forms:

•         Verbal- you will be expected to present your data to class during the presentation of your final project on week 15.

•         Written- hand in any tally sheets that you use, or any completed copies of your survey.

•         Charts or diagrams- chart your data, use bar, circle or line graphs (make sure to use the correct graph to represent the data that you have collected)

•         This section may be completed with the use of SPSS.


A.     Results and Conclusions:

In a report, present the conclusions that you have made after conducting your survey. Be specific and examine data looking for trends and predict future results of similar surveys. Try to determine if your data was biased. Discuss the challenges that your survey caused you, and how you overcame them.


Hand in all sections of this assignment together in a single package of material on week 12.



Each section will either be assessed according to the 4 levels of assessment or with yes/no answer.

A.     Survey Theme

1.      Did you get your topic approved and did you provide at least 2 reasons for your survey?


A.     Letter:

1.      Does your letter have company logo, address, phone, fax and website?

2.       Does your letter have the data, address of the person receiving the survey and title?

3.       Does your letter introduce the survey, tell why it is being conducted, and have a closing with your name and job title?


A.     Survey:

1.      Does your survey have 5 yes/no, 5 multiple choice, 5 numeric answers, and 5 ranking questions?

2.       Is the spelling and grammar correct?


A.     Conduct the survey:

1.      Did you accurately gather data on a tally sheet?


A.     Present the data:

1.      Was your written work included?

2.       Are your graphs accurate and complete?

3.       Did you use the correct graph to display your data?


A.     Results and Conclusions:

1.      Are your results and conclusions written in a one page report?

2.       Are your results and conclusions accurate and meaningful?

3.       Do you predict or identify any trend in your collected data?

4.       Did you determine any biases in your data?

5.       Did you identify any challenges that you encountered?

6.       Did you use a word processor?

7.       Is the spelling and grammar correct?











Effects of Information Technology in Health Care

Technology in health is designed to store the records of patients safely to reduce the number of errors as well as missing records. It also makes communication efficient. Healthcare IT comprises of various groups. One of the most common one is the electronic medical record (EMR). They contain digital records of the patient’s information. This information incorporates their laboratory test results, medical history and other forms of clinical data. 

Research question

What is the effect of electronic medical records on hospital readmission?

Interview questions

1. What are the lessons learnt from the current efforts put in place in integrating EMR in hospitals?

2. What factors contribute towards best EMR practices?

3. What are the primary barriers towards improving EMR in a hospital setup?

4. Which department requires to have much emphasis in terms of EMR systems?

5. What are the most suitable opportunities for progress?

6. What actions and policies taken would be more helpful in implementing EMRs?

7. What are most feasible actions that need to be taken?

8. Based from the feasibility actions, which should be the highest priority to consider?

9. Which organizations need to be included in integrating EMR systems?

10. What role does the organizations included in integrating EMR systems have in the healthcare system?

Link to the interview questions: 

Survey Questions

(Scale ranges between 1: very positive, 2: somewhat positive, 3: no effect, 4: somewhat negative, 5: very negative)

1. What is your gender?

2. What is your profession?

3. How do you rate the effect of computers on controlling the costs of health?

4. What is the effect of computers on maintaining up do date records of a patient by the clinician?

5. How would you determine the intensity of communication between healthcare team while using EMR systems?

6. How would you rate the barriers brought about by the integration of an EMS system within healthcare practice?

7. How satisfied are you with the current situation where EMR is integrated?

8. Does the system have any financial implications towards ensuring improvements?

9. What do you like most about this new the EMR systems and its relevance?

10. What are some of the major things that you would personally want to be upgraded in the system?

Link to survey questions: 


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