ENG111 Formal Paper Assignment #2 “Defining a Concept” Informative Essay”

ENG111 Formal Paper Assignment #2

“Defining a Concept” Informative Essay”


Consider a subject that you may or may not already know something about, and that you feel would make interesting and informative reading to share with your readers.  Begin by listening to a few TedTalks on a topic or on related topics where the authors use extended definition to define a word or concept from an innovative perspective (Rose and Eschholz, Chapter 17, p. 448).  You may be interested in learning about various perspectives on cyber hacking, social justice, space exploration, crime, fear, climate change, and so on.  Our research for this paper is based on TedTalks authors who have come to a broader understanding of some cultural, scientific, technological, entertainment, or natural phenomenon.  You will use these TedTalks to compose your own “Defining an Concept” formal paper.  Due dates for each step of the process are listed on the Daily Assignment pages.


The Writing Process

Each step of the process must be included and labeled in the final folder.  Missing components will result in points deducted for the project.


Invention Strategies: Read Chapter 1 – “The Writing Process,” p. 9-22 (Invention/Prewriting).  Label your Prewriting paper according to the chapter Subtitles and following the directions in each section, writing out your thinking for each step. Begin with “Get Ideas and Collect Information” on page 12, which has three subpoints. Read “Understand What a Thesis Is” on page 13-14 that shows how M.L. King, Jr.’s thesis in his essay “The Ways of Meeting Oppression “ lays out.  Next, label “Develop Your Thesis” on page 14, and write responses for each step listed beginning with “Step 1: Question.”  For this step, consider the film Shaped by Writing and its advice to find your “question” before writing—what do you want to know more about?  The Invention step is the foundation to a good paper.  Those who skip over the step lightly typically end up with a less than satisfactory final project.  The prewriting pages will be the first step of the writing process and will be graded and included in final folder.


Research:  Choose a TEDTalks presentation that also has a written transcript to support your thesis and points.  PRINT out the corresponding transcript that you will use to quote from and include with the final paper in folder.


Drafting:  Read the section “Writing the First Draft” on pages 23-24. Note the guidelines and suggestions for composing the first draft of the essay.  Drafting is the first attempt to write the ENTIRE paper, not a paragraph or a page—the entire essay!  The draft includes a Works Cited list for the TED Talks resource.  We will practice writing the Works Cited in class.


Revision:  Read “Revising” on pages 25-26.  Revision is the most time-consuming and painful part of the writing process.  You will be required to write a revision of the paper before completing the final essay.  Take each version to the Writing Center for assistance with incorporating research, the Works Cited Page, and other areas where you need specific suggestions or help.


Peer Review:  You are expected to take an active, participatory role in the peer review workshops.  The feedback you offer your peers will be graded and become a part of the final grade for the project.  Being absent on peer review days will jeopardize your grade as you will be unable to complete that required element.


Editing: Read “Editing” pages 26-37 for tips for closing editing.  Then read your paper as if seeing it for the first time—very slowly.  Another trick is to read it backwards—the last sentence first.  You will see errors you might miss because we often think we know what we wrote—but we left out a word—or worse.  Remember that a paper that has errors, whether grammatical, spelling, punctuation, missing words, etc. cannot earn an average grade of C.  An “average” college paper is error-free (or nearly).  Reminder:  You have documents posted to Blackboard that provide directions for setting up Microsoft WORD documents in MLA format, including line spacing, spell, grammar, and style checkers.


Final Product:  Submit the paper with all steps of the writing process: Prewriting, Draft, Revision (including a hard copy of the revision I comment on), peer reviews, and Final copy with Works Cited and the transcript of the TED Talks presentation you have used to define a concept. Each step of the assignment must be clearly labeled and stapled separately.  Paper Length: 3-4 pages + Works Cited page; 900-1100 words (body of paper

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