Engineering Economy: Investing in mutual funds

Select one mutual fund from each of three different firms. Acquire information about the funds, their policies, their costs, etc. Track and graph the value(s) of the funds from 9/4/18 through 11/30/18. Determine your before-tax rate of return on each of the funds (including your costs of investment). Assess the relative performance of each of the funds. The final Project Report should include: • Abstract (one paragraph)

• Description of Purpose (maximum one paragraph) • Statement of Process (maximum one page) • Presentation and Discussion of Results (maximum four pages) • Appendixes (to include copy of status report plus supporting documentation, including references as appropriate)

o The report must be typed, double-spaced, using an easily-read font with standard margins, on 8-1/2” x 11” paper. o It is expected that proper English grammar, spelling and sentence structure will be used. o The report should be stapled in the upper-left-hand comer and no covers or bindings should be used. o Spreadsheets should be used for data analysis, and graphical representations must be computer-generated. o It is a fundamental principle of academic integrity that the authorship of the intellectual content of work that is submitted as part of a class assignment must be fairly represented. Contributions of language and thought must be appropriately credited; submissions that do not do so are not acceptable.

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