Engliosh Comp 2

I need to answer some question for my English Composition 2 class.

Q 1) What was the single most challenging aspect of writing the final project? Why did you have this challenge, and how did you deal with it explain?  My final project for english composition class was combining two writers they are CHINUA ACHEBE and EDWARD HOPPER.

Q2) What were the most surprising things you have learned about your two research subjects ( author- CHINUA ACHEBE and visual artist — EDWARD HOPPER) during writing the final paper?explain.

Q3) In what ways do you think what you have learned while writing the final project will influence your other classes? How can you use what you have learned about research and writing in other classes project?

Q4) What would advise future students who are asked to complete the same final project? What would you tell them about completing the final project?

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