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Paper Description: 500-750 words; double-spaced; 12-point Times New Roman font; MLA style formatting, citation, and Works Cited page
Points: 100
The Assignment
For this assignment, you may choose to write about one of the following pairings:
1) Two course readings English Homework Help
2) One course reading and a written text located by you
3) One course reading and a multimodal object located by you
Once you have selected two sources, write an essay that puts these sources in conversation with one another. By “putting sources in conversation,” I mean that your paper should describe a relationship between the two sources and demonstrate how considering the two sources together leads to a new insight about the sources, the topics they discuss, or both.


Keep in mind that this is a short essay considering two different sources; you cannot possibly address every possible relationship between the sources or all of the possible similarities and differences. Focus on describing and providing evidence for one key relationship between the sources.
A few examples of possible relationships between sources:
1) Sources seem similar but also possess an important or surprising difference.
2) Sources seem different but also possess an important or surprising similarity.
3) One source provides an example of a key idea or claim from the other source.
4) One source challenges or revises a key idea or claim from the other source.
5) When combined, two sources lead to a new or revised claim about a topic.
Criteria for Evaluation:
A successful paper will include:
· An introduction that effectively summarizes the sources that will be discussed and ends with an analytical thesis statement. English Homework Help
· A clear and specific analytical thesis statement that establishes a significant relationship between the two sources.
· Effective use of evidence from the two sources that supports the analytical thesis statement; evidence from the sources …

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