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In the Production Notes to the play, Lisa Loomer states clearly that she does not want the play to be staged in a way that stereotypes or demonizes any of the characters. We are not supposed to be “on the side” of the nannies or “on the side” of the moms. Rather, she writes:English homework help
In terms of tone . . . The play walks a delicate line between funny and tragic. Actors who are innately funny (not broad), who understand timing and irony, but are not afraid to go deep, capture the tone best. Please go for nuance of character and good intentions as opposed to caricature. Every character in this play cares about children and is doing the best they can . . . in their own way. (Loomer 3)


Please bear this in mind as you read and analyze the play.
Essay Topic
Your topic for this essay is to explain what you believe to be the moral and logical reasoning of two different characters (or, in the case of the nannies and the moms, sets of characters). You may choose from the following:English homework help
Ana and Nancy
Bobby and Richard
Zoila and Sandra (the other nannies) and Wallace and Linda (the other moms)
To explain their logical and moral reasoning, you will consider some or all of the following questions:
How do the characters you selected define what’s “best” for children?
How are the characters you selected “doing the best they can…in their own way”?
What logical flaws, if any, do you see in that character’s definition of what’s “best” for children?
To what extent is this character aware of alternate viewpoints about what’s “best” for children? Does this character become more inclusive in their viewpoint as the play progresses?
Finally, in your conclusion of the paper, you should address what Lisa Loomer is attempting to do in writing this play. What does Living Out add to a discussion of parenthood in contemporary America? Is she offering a valid viewpoint? What logical flaws, if any, do you see in what she is trying to do?
3-4 pages (3 full pages at minimum, not 2.25 or 2.5 pages!)
MLA format, including Works Cited, which does not count toward the page requirement
cite play lines properly (see video lesson)English homework help

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