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Answer the following questions about Conk

  1. Identify the cause in the following statement: They needed a wooden spoon for a metal one would turn black with the lye.

The major cause was that the narrator’s hair was long and would be affected if they used a metal spoon on preparation of hair neatness. The metal would turn black which was supposed to remain at the narrator’s hair. English homework help.

  1. Identify the effect in the following statement: The jar felt hot because it had lye in it. 

The statement signifies that there was a need for the preparations on hair neatness. On a broader view, it signifies that time had come to change phenomenon in the society.

  1. What was the effect of leaving the congolone the most one could stand? 

Leaving the congolone meant that one detached themselves from the Negro society. It was a sign of betrays since it was their identity. Leaving it made them be separated from another Negros. English homework help.

  1. What do you infer is the meaning of congolene?

Congolene was a design of hair that was used by the ancient Negros in the 1920s. It was a form of identity of the black American community.

  1. What do you infer is a conk?

Conk was a design that the hair was made in ancient Negro Community. They made their hair fall, look sharp. It was a fashion style.

  1. What does the term White-wigged mean?

White wigged means that the individual has adopted the white culture. They were making their hair fall like the White man who had long hair.

  1. Is the narrator a static or a dynamic character? Explain in 3 sentences at least.

The narrator is a dynamic character. It is because he accepts to be oriented and accept changes in his hair. Also, he says that it is painful but still want to make his hair conk.

  1. What trait is the best to describe Shorty?

It is an educative trait. It shows how the Negros were making mistakes of copying the white man culture than detaining their culture. Also, it shows that they liked the white man culture and disregarded their form of culture.

  1. What does the narrator mean by: “This was my first really big step toward self-degradation?

The narrator meant that he lost his values as a negro. It is because he decided to adopt new culture that made him lose his identity. Also, through it, he was able not to interact with the Negro community because he had adopted other ways and was described as a traitor. English homework help.

  1. Is the title literal or symbolic?

The title is symbolic. It symbolizes the socialization process that the negroes had towards the white culture. It also symbolizes betrayal because they adapted the sedentary fashion style of the white man. Besides, it symbolizes change where the Negros were ready to be influenced by the white and accepted their ways.



  1. What is the passage message?

The passage teaches that the Negroes should retain their lifestyle and accept who they are. Changing their hairstyles is an act of betraying their culture and accepting to be manipulated by the white people.

  1. What does the narrator feel about African American (Negros) who conk their hair?

The narrator feels that the Negros who conk their hair are betrayers. He feels that they fear their culture and demean the Negros culture. Also, he feels that they do not accept who they are and lose their identity.

  1. What is the author’s purpose?

The author intends to let the Negros accept who they are. He wants them to know that the African culture gives them an identity and sense of belonging.

  1. How did the narrator feel about his first conk?

The narrator describes his first conk as painful. He also felt that he had lost his sense of belonging and betrayed the Negro community.

  1. This is based on a real story; do you think the topic is pertinent today?

The story is pertinent today because people disregard on who they are. People in the current society tend to adopt other cultures, hence weakening their backgrounds. Some go to the extent of changing their skin color, which has affected their health. English homework help.

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