English Homework Help

English Homework Help
In order to learn more about you as a writer and a researcher, I’d like you to answer a few questions about yourself and do some writing about what you might want to research this semester.
1. Why are you taking ENC 3311? What are your goals for this course, and how does the class fit with your larger goals at FIU and beyond? English Homework Help
2. Why did you decide to take this class online? If you’ve taken online classes in the past, what have been your most positive and negative experiences? What is your ideal class experience?
3. Tell me about your experience so far with academic research or just finding information in general. What kinds of academic research have you done in the past? Do you have a research process that you rely on? What would you like to improve on in this course?


4. Tell me about who you are as a writer. What’s your relationship to writing, both in an academic setting and elsewhere? Do you have a writing process that you usually stick to? How would you like to improve your writing in this class?
5. Tell me more about yourself. Who are you outside of this class? What’s important to you? What are you good at? What are you committed to? English Homework Help
6. As mentioned in the syllabus, you’ll get to decide what you want to research this semester. When you’re researching and writing about something you care about deeply, that’s when you’ll really find out what you’re capable of as a thinker, researcher, and writer, as opposed to when you’re working on a topic that someone else has assigned to you. (The work you do this semester can still help you when you’re assigned something else to research, however, because you’ll have strengthened your muscles and learned what you can really do.) The issue you choose to research could be something from your current field of study (your major), your future field of study or career path, a cause or hobby you care about deeply, or an area of personal growth that you could benefit from understanding more thoroughly. This last option can be especially powerful in terms of motivation and your success in the course. Imagine giving yourself an entire semester to work on self-improvement, to target an aspect of your life that you’ve been wanting to improve on but haven’t had the time for, or something that you learned about briefly in another class but couldn’t focus on because of other obligations or responsibilities. List at least three potential research topics that you’d like to explore this semester (even if you’re pretty sure which one you want to focus on).  English Homework Help

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