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Discussion #1 This discussion will be a chance for you to dig into or develop your creative skills. You will need a pencil, an eraser, white printer paper, and some form of color markers or pencils. Crayons would work, too.
After reading Chapter 1, you will make a Mind Map for defining the “Achievement Gap” which starts on page 8 of the textbook. English homework help
I suggest for every chapter you read the instructions for the discussions and assignments before you read the chapter. That way, you can take notes as you read to help yourself write the discussion or assignmentReading the whole chapter first, instead of just the part needed for the discussion or assignment will help you with understanding the concepts in order to do the discussion and assignment properly.


  • Click on the link and read the information about Mind Mapping.
  • Your “central concept” is The Achievement Gap.
  • Your four main ideas are; poverty, problem with defining, low expectations, and solution.

Put one on each branch of the Mind Map.

  • For full points add at least TWO SYMBOLS to each branch (main idea), one color and at least two key words.
  • Take a picture of your finished Mind Map and paste it into where you post the discussion. Call the help desk if you don’t know how to post a picture. Please, don’t just attach the picture because then we all have to open it.
  • When you have posted your picture go to others’ Mind Maps and comment on two different people’s posts.
  • Comment on something you like and why, and comment on one question you have about their Mind Map English homework help

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