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Tencent Holdings Limited is the Company I choose.

There are various business segments, as well as a lot of excellent scholarship on these topics, that we could not comprehensively address. This assignment aims to help you develop greater expertise on a specific industry subset and/or company related to your areas of interest. Specifically, this assignment is designed to:


  • Explore your learning and career interests;
  • Familiarize you with a specific area of research in global digital industries;
  • Develop your abilities to acquire reliable information and organize knowledge.

General Guidelines

You will develop a political economy profile for one non-U.S. company in the broadly defined global digital industries. You should pick a company based on your academic and professional interests, as well as in consultation with me. The company cannot be the one that has been studied in our course readings. You will write a political economy profile report on this company drawing upon research from: at least five news reports on the company and public information from the company’s official channel such as company website and stock reports if the company is publicly listed. This 4-6-page profile report should include two of the following four aspects: (1) corporate history and structure, (2) political profile, (3) economic profile, and (4) cultural profile.

Step 1: Decide a topic.  (Tencent Holdings Limited )

Step 2: Develop a project proposal. Write a 2-page project proposal which states the rationale for the selected industry and company.


Project Proposal Guidelines:

§  Identification of a non-U.S. company

§  Introduction of the company’s background

§  Identification of possible location(s) of sources:

o   News reports

o   Public information from the company’s official channel

§  Discussion on potential problems and/or challenges for your project

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