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Directions: After reading the tutorial about how to write a character analysis, write an analysis of one of the following: Sammy from Updike’s “A & P,” Miss Brill from Mansfield’s “Miss Brill,” or Miss Emily from Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily.” The link for “Miss Brill” is in the READ module. Use the template provided as a guide. English homework help

Be sure to use specific evidence from the text to support your analysis.This essay MUST contain quotes and/or paraphrases to support your main points. This evidence must have in-text citations and be listed in your Works Cited.



  • The word “YOU” and “YOUR” are not to be used in college writing.
  • Essays are not to be written in first person (unless specifically told otherwise)
  • Essays must follow MLA format. See week 1 tab for a review if needed.
  • This essay should be a minimum of 500 words (Works Cited does not count toward this minimum)
  • All essays MUST be uploaded as an attachment and cannot be copy and pasted into the comment box.
  • All assignments must be .doc or .docx. No other file format is acceptable. If you use a Mac computer, it is your responsibility to learn how to convert your file to the appropriate file type. Do not submit PDF’s. English homework help

Students who do not use the required textbook but instead choose to use the internet to find these sources run the risk of incorrectly formatted in-text citations and works cited entries. Essays containing incorrectly formatted in-text citations and works cited entries cannot earn an “A.” Most earn a “C” if the essay is well organized, has a proper thesis statement and proper body paragraphs. Essays without both earn an “F” grade.
I will only open websites that are from .edu, .org, .gov, .net.  Any other types of websites run a higher risk of contaminating my computer with viruses.
Submit to Turn-it-In by clicking on the grey arrow (upload). Keep checking back for the originality report. Review the report and make changes as necessary to avoid plagiarism. You can resubmit to Turnitin until the due date.
IMPORTANT: The essay must be a minimum of 500 words, be double-spaced and follow MLA guidelines. Submit the revised essay before Sunday at midnight. If you wait until Sunday evening to submit, Turnitin will be busy, and you might not get your essay submitted on time. I do not accept late work, so do not wait until Sunday evening to complete your assignment. English homework help

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