Entreprenurial Marketing: How long does it take to make 50 million users?

How long does it take to make 50 million users? – Customer Adoption and acquisitions – Speed of customer acquisition – What needs to be done. (What did Pokémon go do?) – What are the challenges, in the process? – Customer retention – Lose half of the initial rate, still have a high attrition rate. – Attrition rate – Maintain customers very fast. Readings – Visual Capitalist Article (how long does it take to make 50 million users) – Use Restaurant Examples. – Pokémon GO example Customer Acquisition Process of converting prospects to customers. Products and services. Purchases additional data, to have info on prospects. Potential customers. Find segments where there is high concentration of prospects. Segmenting population. 3 basic types of acquisition models. 1. Propensity to respond models: Calculating like hood to respond. 2. Revenue Estimation. Estimates the potential revenue generated from the first sale- prospect to Customer. 3. Time to Response: estimate the number of times the prospect will need to. Be contacts before they respond. Defining response Interest- Prospect opens offer email Engaements- prospects opens link in the email Conversion- Prospects finalizes the purchase and the sale is made, turns into a customer.

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