Environmental Ethics Case Study Project: Rogers-Eubanks Community and the Orange County Landfill

 You may work alone or in pairs only.

 Your topic must be one from my approved list. Email me with your topic choice and let me know if you will work alone or with someone.

 This is a visual project. You must use PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi or a similar presentation program. I also suggest trying Esri Storymap as a format:

 You will not present the project to class, rather, it is you telling a story visually to me with a good amount of text and graphics to support your research and explain your ideas.


This project is similar to the annotated bibliography and tests. You will research your topic and explain why it causes environmental ethics dilemmas or policy issues (why is there controversy, in other words). You must also support your ideas and relate your topic to specific schemas and terms from class. Show both sides of the issue—try to be objective and approach it scientifically. I suggest this format:  5 text-heavy slides* that explain the topic and why there is controversy around it.

 10* or more text-heavy slides that relate your topic and the issues around it directly to 3 main class schemas or topics. I recommend relating your topic to aspects of (1) Market Utilitarianism/Shallow Ecology; (2) Deep Ecology, and (3) one other main class schema. You may also use a term or concept from Desjardins as one of your three, but make sure it is a broad concept, and feel free to check with me to make sure it is relevant.

 3-5* text heavy slides that give your insights into the future of the issue, and what an ethical solution might be to the problems you discover.  Include a bibliography slide of sources used with links. 


You may choose any one of the topics listed below to research for your case study. Remember; think about the pro and con environmental effects of the topic, and how you can relate the topic to class material.

 Rogers-Eubanks Community and the Orange County Landfill

 The Warren County PCB Landfill

 Controversy over electrical smart meters (that use wireless signal)

 Hawaii’s recent ban on sunscreens  Greensboro Faith Community Church/NC WARN solar panel issue  New Zealand’s “Predator Free 2050” Plan  White Lake, NC water issues and treatment plan

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