Environmental research skills – Sampling terrestrial invertebrates

There should be TWO components to your report / write-up:

1. Construct a table of the advantages and disadvantages of the five types of trap (Pitfall, Water, Window, Malaise, Light) that you have seen demonstrated in the practical and list the main ‘target groups’ that each one is primarily intended to catch. Your table should follow this general format (see attached instructions for write up file for this).

2. Download the Excel workbook from Study Direct containing the whole-class results for this practical. The results for each of the two trap types can be found on separate worksheets within the workbook. 
Examine the WHOLE-CLASS dataset (i.e. for all groups, not just your own group). Sum the data for ALL THE INVERTEBRATES in each of the 25 coloured WATER TRAPS. Produce appropriate graphs of the results for (a) the different colours, and (b) the different locations/positions, with fully labelled axes, a legend and an explanatory title. Remember to add error bars if you use histograms. Use your knowledge of statistics from previous courses to test whether the total number of invertebrates caught in the traps is significantly affected by (i) the positions of the traps* and (ii) the colours of the traps. Briefly describe the results of your analyses and then write a short discussion based on what you have found. If possible, support your conclusions with reference to previously published studies on invertebrates sampled in water traps.

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