Environmental science homework help

1. Consider the kinds of relationships humans have with other species (both natural and domestic). Give examples of relationships that represent parasitism, commensalism and mutualism. Discuss the ethical issues involved in changing these relationships (ie transitioning from protection to explotation etc.)
2. Describe how human action such as removing a top predator or adding a species can have an impact on the many species in an ecosystem.Environmental science homework help


3. Discuss how predator prey relationships can benefit both the predator population and the prey population. Describe why a top predator like a wolf strengthens the herd of deer it preys on whereas humans hunting deer weaken the health of the herd.
4. A keystone species is defined as a species in relatively low abundance in the ecosystem have a disproportionate effect on their ecosystem structure. Indian elephants and sea otters are considered keystone species. Do you think that humans are a keystone species
· Chapter 5
1. Discuss the phrase “energy flows through an ecosystem whereas matter cycles through an ecosystem”. Discuss the steps energy takes from sunlight to top predator. Describe what happens to matter.
2. Look in your pantry, your refrigerator and your freezer. In how many different biomes are the foods you eat produced. Be specific.
a. Considering the variety of biomes do you think you could be a “locavore” (consuming only foods produced within 50 miles of your home). If you could what type of impact would this have on the environment and or the economy.
3. Invent a scenario describing what would happen to an ecosystem or human system in the event of one of the following: (Support your statements)
a. all of the producers are killed by loss of soil fertility or toxic contamination
b. decomposer and detritus feeders are eliminated
4. Explore how the human system can be modified into a sustainable ecosystem in balance with other natural ecosystems without losing the benefit of modern civilization. In other words can we live sustainably without losing our modern standard of living.Environmental science homework help
· Chapter 6
1. Some people argue that all animals have the intrinsic to survival? Should this right extend to plants and bacteria? Defend your position using the science.
2. Some critics of the Endangered Species Act think it is too strict while other critics believe it is not strict enough. What is your view? Use a specific specie example to support your point of view
3. Biodiversity is the measure of a stable ecosystem. The more biodiverse the more stable an ecosystem is. Explain how biodiversity contributes to stability.
4. Are humans, genetically modified organism or both the main cause for biodiversity decline. Explain using examples.
· Chapter 7
1. Both consumptive use and productive use of natural ecosystems are necessary for high human development. To what degree should consumptive use hold priority over productive use. Think about more than one resource (lumber, coal, bush meat etc)
2. The tragedy of the commons discusses the idea that individual users of a shared commons act independently of the other users according to their own self-interest and behave contrary to the common good of all users of the common. Can this be prevented in a true capitalistic society? Why or why not- use examples in your explanation.Environmental science homework help

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