Environmental Toxicants and Developmental Disabilities

The purpose of this assignment is for students to explore resources available to families of individuals (children, young adults, or adults) with developmental disabilities and then write an advocacy research paper to help problem-solve the issue. This assignment has three major objectives. The first is to increase your familiarity with an issue faced by persons with developmental disabilities and the arguments that surround that issue. The second is to increase your familiarity with relevant sources of information like professional journals and government documents. The third is to help you improve an important intellectual skill: writing a clear and convincing argument supported by reliable evidence. Each student will: Select an issue in developmental disabilities.Examples of issues include: Environmental Toxicants and Developmental Disabilities; New Born Screening and Prevention of Developmental Disabilities; Resources for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders; Services for Behaviors and Psychiatric Disorders in Children with Developmental Disabilities; Early Intervention Services for Children with DD; Assistive Technology for DD; Transition to Adulthood Services; Coordination of Care; Services for Helping Families Cope with Diagnosis; etc. Choose your target audience. This could be any decision maker that could actually help improve family and community resources to serve persons with developmental disabilities. This could be your local school district, your legislature, Minnesota Department of Health, etc. Conduct a literature review about the issue developmental disability and services. Write a paper that advocates for an increase or improvement of family and community resources to serve individuals (children, young adults, or adults) with developmental disabilities.

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