Equity & Trusts Law

Is there still a need for secret trusts?

The presentation does not have to be presented.

This is a 2 part assessment (Please complete the PowerPoint on this order):

1. A commentary on the question – ‘Is there still a need for secret trusts?’
This should be fully referenced in line with OSCOLA regulations.
-Should show good understanding of the legal topic and should demonstrate this understanding by clear discussion and evaluation of the relevant law, cases and principles.

2. A PowerPoint presentation of 8 slides on the same question. The PowerPoint will provide a structure to the commentary.

the commentary and PowerPoint should link in together and all the info regarding the structure and how its to be written is given in the files that have been sent. there must be clear correlation between both the PowerPoint and commentary. Wider research is required to establish a 2.1.

Client stresses to ensure the commentary and the PowerPoint flow together. 

The client has asked for the writer to use diagrams, photographs or pictures (referenced) if necessary.

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